Bobby Driscoll's Artwork

 A collage on card board art piece that Bobby mailed to friend George Herms in 1958.


A mixed media collage with no title mailed to friend Wallace Berman in 1964. This collage features Bobby's face on someone.

A mixed media collage that Bobby mailed to friends Joan and Billy Jahrmarkt in 1964.


An untitled mixed media collage that Bobby created in 1965.

A photographic collage featuring an image of cat holding a briefcase leaving a Turkish prison and a person, whom I presume is Bobby Driscoll, standing guard outside of the cell. 


This photo is featured in Semina 8, which is the eighth issue of a series of nine from a hand-printed, loose-leaf art and poetry journal titled, SeminaSemina 8 was assembled and distributed as a cardboard booklet with a glued paper pocket on inside which presumably contained artwork, poems,  and photographs. 


Semina 8 was released in 1963.


Bobby did not create this piece, but he may have had some influence creating it since he seems to be featured in this work of art.